Pride of India Tea Box
  • Pride of India Tea Box

    Looking for a gift this Christmas? or simply a present for any occasion?


    A Golden Tea box is just perfect. This Pride of India Tea Box contains a great assortment of Essence Tea's Indian tea (Chai) collection. Tracing thousands of years back, these milk teas are highly effective to depression and insomnia, so drink it before bed and watch it bring wellness to your life.


    We'll pack it for FREE! If you want, add a customized message to go on the golden greeting card placed inside the box. Add a tea infuser for just $2 using code 'teainfuser'

    • For preparation and ingredient details - check out the individual tea products:

      Saffron Chai

      Taste of India

      Spiced Chai

    • Each tea contains 50 g of loose tea - serving 15 - 20 cups. So, this pack will provide 80 cups of tea on average.


      Designed to make your daily cup of tea healthy and interesting, by making a variety of fun, healthy and clever teas. The teas will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and nourished. Since the teas are 100% organic, natural, pure and simple - this pack will last a long time. Please note the tea infuser is not included*

    Looking to garnish your tea? 
    Try Goji Berries - a sweet superfood!
    Goji Berries

    Goji Berries

    Add a helping hand...
    Tea Infuser

    Tea Infuser